Josephine Molitor (nee Stadelhoffer)

Josephine Molitor's father, Ignaz Stadelhofer was a well-known hotelier in the spa town of Baden Baden. He ran the Englischer Hof ("English Court") and in 1856/57 he had the Villa Stadelhofer built which later became the Park Hotel. The Villa was a guest house for many rich and noble visitors, including the Russian Grand Dukes Michael and Konstantin, the King of Naples (prior to his abdication) and the German chancellor Bismark. In 1880 Ignaz Stadelhofer died a successful businessman. His heirs ran the hotel for another six years and sold the estate for 250,000 Marks (about 5 million dollars today) to Alois Moerch who gave he Villa the new name, the Park Hotel.

He was very successful until 1914. During World War I, the hotel became a hospital. Alois Moerch died in 1918. His heirs sold the building to an investor who converted its rooms into flats but failed to keep it up. In 1965 the Villa was demolished and an apartment house was erected on the property.

(Based on a report in a Baden Baden newspaper, translated by Prof. Hans Stahl)

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